MangoApps Announces Their Newest Mobile Intranet App

SEATTLE, WA May 7th, 2010 – MangoApps, the leading provider of hosted collaboration services, announced today the availability of their  newest mobile intranet app, the iPhone Intranet Business Collaboration Suite[1]. Complimenting the web and desktop offerings, this mobile Intranet app brings a complete set of personal, team and company collaboration tools[2] for workers on the go.

“In this new business world, we are increasingly mobile and need to collaborate in real-time even when we are not in the office.  Using the best iPhone Intranet Business Collaboration Suites, colleagues can now collaborate on everyday tasks, post and get updates, share links, discuss ideas and immediately connect over instant messaging or voice calls ” said Anup Kejriwal, CEO and Founder of MangoApps Inc.  “Given the rapid growth in the smartphone market and our considerable experience in the mobile industry, extending the MangoApps platform to mobile and bringing the richest mobile collaboration application to the market was a no-brainer for us.”
MangoApps' new mobile intranet app, iPhone Business Collaboration Suite

Today’s launch of MangoApps iPhone Intranet Business Collaboration Suite covers all the major features of the MangoApps business collaboration platform including:

Seamless Mobile Collaboration

All features are seamlessly integrated allowing employees easy transition from reading a team’s microblog to asking private questions over instant messaging to setting up a group conference call, all from their phone. MangoApps Mobile Intranet Collaboration[3] Suite enables mobile workers to collaborate in real-time using the communication medium that best suits their ever-changing situation.

Using the project collaboration features, workers can browse through their projects feeds, write to the project wall, initiate group chats with project members, view, add and assign tasks and upload documents all within the context of a project. A full set of document collaboration features[4] provides the ability to not only post and view documents but also to follow and automatically get updates and comments about the documents directly on their iPhone. Sales teams will always have the latest price sheets, executives will always have the greatest presentation and product teams will never miss updates to requirements.

In addition to the personal and team collaboration features, MangoApps iPhone Business Collaboration Suite provides tools like company directories, search, polls, virtual accolades, office pokes and birthday gifts, to promote company-wide interaction and collaboration. MangoApps for iPhone leverages many iPhone-specific features to provide the richest experience for your teams. Some examples of these functions include:

  • Taking and posting pictures as part of messages.
  • Attaching user’s location to posts.
  • Receiving push notifications in real-time even when the application is not running.

MangoApps for iPhone is available for immediate download from the Apple App store. Creating a MangoApps network[5] is required to get started, from the main page select free trial. MangoApps also has a mobile intranet app available on the Android platform. It can be downloaded from the Android marketplace.

MangoApps mobile Intranet app

About MangoApps

Founded in 2008, MangoApps is a team collaboration and social intranet product company that combines employee social networking, team collaboration tools and social intranet into a seamless platform. MangoApps is privately held and is based out of Issaquah, WA with offices in India. At MangoApps, we believe that the old set of communication tools restricts information distribution and are the exact opposite of what is needed to work together effectively. By seamlessly integrating new and continuously improve social intranet collaboration paradigms with existing methods, we enable a highly productive and open work environment that empowers and inspires employees engagement at all levels.

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